Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Creation of Bear Mountain Berners

~ Bear Mountain Berners ~

Our pick of the litter

The new year has brought in so many inspiring ideas, it has already brought so much peace. Brooski's litter of ten with Dalyla, conceived on December 7, 2009 was just a blessing! Never would we have guessed that every single puppy would find their new home within days of turning eight weeks. What an experience! Each puppy, so individually healthy.. really no true runt to the litter. With everything being such a wonderful experience, we have decided to invest in a female Berner from out of the country. "Everest's Fern" arrives home to Big Bear, California the day before Valentine's day 2010. Fern is coming from Canada with fancy Swiss and Hungarian bloodlines. Her sire is Carousel's Mount Everest, her dam (weighing 109lbs!) is Frederick's Angel. Both are very majestic in appearance and have some quality features I think would mesh with Brooski so well! Please keep an eye out for our new up-and-coming website as well as this blog for further updates on upcoming litters!!

Photos: Megan Kee

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