Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Forest Freashies!

~ Snow Forest ~

Brooski, looking over Big Bear Lake

Today was a beautiful blue bird day in Big Bear California. We took advantage of the day to do some back country hiking and snowboarding on what used to be Big Bear's original mountain, Snow Forest. This was Brooski's first time ever going in the back country for such an ordeal, so he had to be official and wear his Service Dog in Training vest. We got some great footage of Broo following us down big faces while we were snowboarding, he really loved it! This is a new beginning for Brooski, and hopefully when the pups get bigger we can start doing these fun trips with them!

Photos: Megan Kee

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baker Pond on a stormy day!

- Baker Pond, Big Bear Lake, California -

Brooski chasing Fern and Jörgen

Located right in our very own backyard is "Baker Pond", a smaller lake extended
out from Big Bear Lake. Baker Pond is great for fishing, dog walks and family outings. During the summer this pond is a very popular place to come and relax. Luckily, we live right here and get to take advantage of it every day! Today was Fern's first day out there, she will be ten weeks old tomorrow. Jörgen will be eleven weeks tomorrow, and since it wasn't his first time at the pond he sure had no problem showing Fern around. Brooski was just too excited to show off his fancy moves! Soon they will all be keeping the same pace and Brooski won't know what happened!

What a beautiful family!

Jörgen and Fern
Photos: Megan Kee

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Everest's Fern"

"Everest's Fern"
9 weeks old

"Fern" came to us from Quebec, Canada.

"Frederick's Angel"

"Angel", otherwise known as "Chanel" is Fern's mother, she comes
from Switzerland with extensive bloodlines.

"Carousel's Mount Everest"

"Beck" is Fern's father, he has Hungarian history, and represents
the Berneses' stature in every way.

Welcome home Fern!


"Fern's 1st day!"

At 11:33am on Feb. 13, 2010 our new baby girl "Everest's Fern" arrived at LAX International Airport! After the three hour drive home Fern was welcomed by Brooski and Jörgen, who were so excited to greet her. Fern fit right in since the minute she walked in the door, she is the most vocal and active of the three now. Fern was born December 14, 2009, one week after Jörgen, yet she is just as big as he is. What a doll!

9 weeks old
Photos: Megan Kee

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Creation of Bear Mountain Berners

~ Bear Mountain Berners ~

Our pick of the litter

The new year has brought in so many inspiring ideas, it has already brought so much peace. Brooski's litter of ten with Dalyla, conceived on December 7, 2009 was just a blessing! Never would we have guessed that every single puppy would find their new home within days of turning eight weeks. What an experience! Each puppy, so individually healthy.. really no true runt to the litter. With everything being such a wonderful experience, we have decided to invest in a female Berner from out of the country. "Everest's Fern" arrives home to Big Bear, California the day before Valentine's day 2010. Fern is coming from Canada with fancy Swiss and Hungarian bloodlines. Her sire is Carousel's Mount Everest, her dam (weighing 109lbs!) is Frederick's Angel. Both are very majestic in appearance and have some quality features I think would mesh with Brooski so well! Please keep an eye out for our new up-and-coming website as well as this blog for further updates on upcoming litters!!

Photos: Megan Kee