Monday, February 22, 2010

Baker Pond on a stormy day!

- Baker Pond, Big Bear Lake, California -

Brooski chasing Fern and Jörgen

Located right in our very own backyard is "Baker Pond", a smaller lake extended
out from Big Bear Lake. Baker Pond is great for fishing, dog walks and family outings. During the summer this pond is a very popular place to come and relax. Luckily, we live right here and get to take advantage of it every day! Today was Fern's first day out there, she will be ten weeks old tomorrow. Jörgen will be eleven weeks tomorrow, and since it wasn't his first time at the pond he sure had no problem showing Fern around. Brooski was just too excited to show off his fancy moves! Soon they will all be keeping the same pace and Brooski won't know what happened!

What a beautiful family!

Jörgen and Fern
Photos: Megan Kee

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