Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bear Mountain Berners'


Brooski 05/11/2010

Bear Mountain Berners wasn't just started out of the blue, there is a story and a catalyst behind the very creation of this kennel. Without Brooski, we would have nothing. Brooski is the oldest of the three Berners we have now, and he was the first! This handsome fellow came from a long way across the US to live with us here in California. Brooski was born on November 28, 2007 in Kansas City, Oklahoma. We picked this little guy out when he was only four weeks old and waited one long month for him to arrive home to Big Bear, California! Broo's (his favorite nickname) pedigree stems from a third generation of Hungarian bloodlines, working their way to the famous Cherokee line bred here in the states. He has the typical big bone, strong conformation we find in the breed standards today, with a dense medium-length coat. Soon after our litter next year, Brooski will be enrolled with the OFFA for his hips and elbows. This handsome proven stud is our first choice for our 2011 litter!


"Brooski" 2.5 years old

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