Monday, April 12, 2010

April Showers!

~ Springtime Snow! ~

Brooski running down the snow covered bridge!

This morning at Bear Mountain Berners we woke up to a pleasant surprise! Snow!! Spring brings in so many different weather patterns, but who expected this!? By 8am Brooski was rearin' to go do something, so we decided to take a stroll around Baker Pond (also known as Stanfield Marsh). It was still quite crisp outside, J├Ârgen and Fern felt like sleeping in. The lake and town were just as beautiful as ever! Big Bear has some of the best weather in southern California, and we are so lucky to have a piece of it! Hopefully this won't be the last significant snowfall of the season!!

Broo sitting on a bench near Standfield Cutoff
Photos: Megan Kee

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